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This tutorial will "walk through" all of the steps needed to set up an Access Works test on the Loop11 testing platform. It will be a remote, unmoderated test—that is, you will not have direct contact with the actual testers, nor will you know their identity. You will know, for each tester, their specific disability and assistive technology use, according to your request for testers from the Access Works database. For a preview of the results that you will see from your test, please see our separate tutorial on Loop11 test results

If you have not already set up an account with Loop11, you will need to do so at loop11.com. They offer a variety of subscription plans, and also offer an initial free—but limited—test to get you started. With their current system, you will be billed by them according to your plan and will be billed separately by Knowbility for the stipend that is given to each tester.

Even if you have used the Loop11 platform before, we encourage you to look through this tutorial for recent changes that will affect your use of the Access Works system. It is important for us to communicate with you at the beginning and throughout the testing process; feel free to contact us with questions at any time.

Assuming that this is your first time using Loop11, your home page will look like the screen shot below. Notice that under the "Launched Projects" heading, Loop11 has provided a sample test that may give you more ideas for test construction and will also illustrate the format of test results. The "cogwheel" icon lets you close an open test (or vice-versa), view the design, or delete the test. For a test that hasn't been launched, the same symbol lets you delete or edit the test. Note: all screen shots used by permission from Loop11.

All you need to do is click the "Create New Project" button. But before you proceed, you will need to address the use of JavaScript for Loop11 testing, which we will discuss on the next page.

screen shot, described above

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